Hard Ladscaping:

What exactly is "Hard Landscaping" people ask us, so here is a basic explanation:

In landscaping design and architecture, hard landscaping refers to anything else but plants! These are often functional and can include paths, driveways, patios, terraces, walls, decks, greenhouse, ponds and pools. 

Hard landscaping is usually the most expensive part of a garden revamp and it's going to be there for a long time. Often this is an opportunity to install a favourite garden feature, which can be a focal point or ads an interesting feature into the garden. This is a key part of the structure of a garden and apart from being functional, hard landscaping should be attractive and in keeping with the house and the rest of the garden

When landscapers or architects talk about hard landscaping materials they will be referring to construction materials that their landscaper uses to enhance the landscape design. Some of these include materials include stones, gravel, concrete, bricks and glass. The matching term "soft landscaping" materials refers to the plants.

Hard landscaping is not an easy job and is best left to a professional landscaper. We offer a full onsite inspection and our extensive knowledge will supply you with ideas to enhance your garden into (some have said) a secret garden.